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Product Description

CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer is a tool that supports key matching, lock replacement, direction lock repair, and it supports engine computer, gearbox computer, hang block computer to clear all contents through OBD operation.

CGDI Prog for MB Benz Car Key Add Fastest for Benz Key Programmer

Top 8 Reasons to get CGDI Prog for MB:

1. Support fastest for Benz Car key add: collection time 1'50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator, it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.
2. Support all key lost for MB: support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216
3. CGDI Prog for MB can calculate the password online.
4. Free Update Online on official website, when you receive the device, please download software on official website too.
5. CGDI Prog for MB can work with both Bekey or orginal keys.

6. Support more old for Mercedes cars key programming by OBD such as:
for W210, W203, W639, W220,W215, W169
for Mercedes E Series W210 before year 2004
for Mercedes C Series W203 before year 2005
for Mercedes V Series V639 before year 2008
for Mercedes A Series W169 before year 2009
for Mercedes B Series W169 before year 2009
for Mercedes S Series W220 before year 2005
for Mercedes E Series W211 before year 2008
7. With Mileage Repair and Gateway Read/Write Authorization Free NOW! (Since March 2nd, 2019)
8. Support multiple languages such as German, French, Spanish, English, Chinese

Note:about the activation,now there are choice you can choose:

1.Basic Version:After you activate,you can have one token everyday,just one token.And if you want to more tokens that day,you can pay for the tokens(5USD=1 Point=1 Token)(4 tokens one day at most)(If you do not use it always,you can choose Basic Version)


2.Advanced Version:After you activate,there has two free tokens everyday within 6 months from the day you activate it;​after 6 months,will pay for the tokens,it is 10usd one month,have 60 tokens(If you use it always,you can choose the Advanced Version)

Note the Basic Version can changed to Advanced Version,but the Advanced Version can not be changed to Basic Version in the future.


There are two kinds of token for sale,one token service or 180days token service

one token service:This is token service for CGDI Prog for MB,if you choose this one,you can add one token.
180days token service:This is token service for CGDI Prog for MB, when the license of your CGDI Prog for MB get expired, please pay for this service, then you can have two free tokens each day for another 180 days.


How to activate CGDI Prog for MB?

CGDI Prog for MB needs activation when you receive it. Please follow the steps as below:
1. Download for Benz Monster software from official website, there will be user manual too in the software catalogue
2. Install software on your laptop, activate device yourself from menu Online Store. 
You can choose "Basic Edition One Free Token Lifetime" or "Advanced Edition Two Free Token Valid 180 days"
 online yourself now.
No need to wait for engineer's activation anymore. Save much time! 



CGDI MB Key Programmer Software Update Log:

CG-MB for BenzMonster Update to V2.9.4.0

1. Add the function of displaying and writing the key flag byte.

2. Add 2035450308 erase and write functions.

3. Fixed the problem that the smart 21DF key was successfully written and failed to display.

4. Add Turkish language display and Turkish language authorization function.

5. Other issues fixed and performance optimized.

6. You cannot use the device with the old software version, please install the latest software version.

CG-MB BenzMonster V2.9.3.0  NEW (2019.12.16)

1. Optimized the firmware upgrade process;
2. Added the key information display function of directional lock simulator;
3. Added the self-test function of coil and analog key;
4. Added instrument calibration detection function;
5. Improved data loading function;
6.Added 164 meter types
7. Fixed other problems.


CG-MB Benz Monster V2.9.2.0 (2019.11.09)

1. Added personal account and send feedback function.

2. Improved user interface for a better experience.

3. The Mileage Repair and Gateway functions are now integrated into the main page, and you can slide the main function button list to switch.

4. Increased the number of free DP calculations and key file generation per day.

5. Optimize performance and fix bugs.

CGDI MB Key Programmer series Update to Version 2.9.1

The Mercedes monster calculates the password in only 24 seconds.
50% of users only need 24 seconds to complete the calculation
40% of users need 35 seconds complete the calculation
10% of users need 70 seconds complete the calculation

Quality Experience:

1. Fix the 21DF key write function; solve the problem that other clear keys(the data inside the key can be used to rewrite after erasing the data) cannot be written.
2. Optimize the reading key experience; (reading speed is greatly improved)
3. Optimize the read lock experience; (read speed is greatly improved)
4.Add the function that 164 (2009-) does not require a gateway to collect all lost.
(Supports no gateway repeated plugging and AC fast acquisition)
5. Add new 164 (2009-) no gateway full drop acquisition wiring diagram;
6.Modify old 164 (2009-) no gateway full drop acquisition wiring diagram;
7. Modify the W203/W463/W639K lock wiring diagram.

cgdi mb global first

CG-for MB for BenzMonster V2.8.0.0  NEW (2018.10.28)
1. Added online store function
Now, you can self-renew your password calculation service or recharge points in the store. Currently only WeChat payment is supported.
2. Added the automatic activation function
When you first purchase a device, you can choose the subscription service version to activate the device. Please note that the subscription version cannot be changed after activation.
3. Remove the limit on the number of password calculations per day. You can calculate the password as much as possible within a day.
Of course, the premise is that you have more than enough points.

4. We greatly optimized the stability of the server.
We are deeply sorry for the impact of the previous period of downtime maintenance, and we thank our customers for their support.

CG- for MB for Benz Monster V2.7.2.0 2018.09.20)
1. Fixed the problem that read EIS failed when 209/211 collection with key.
2. Fixed the problom that 209 sync ELV and 169 write ELV display is not clear.
3. Fixed the problom that the K-line EIS is enabled successfully, but the display fails.

CG- for MB for BenzMonster V2.7.1.0  (2018.09.08)
1.Added function: read FBS4 gearbox basic information
2.Fixed the problom that partial device upload data validation failed

CG- for MB for Benz Monster V2.7.0.0  NEW(2018.08.06)
1. Add 169 ELV erase and write function;
2. Add check EIS status function;

CGDI for MB for Mercedes Benz Key Programmer V2.6.0 Newest Update Info (2018-06-02):
1. Add ELV emulator function: support one-click unlock / read & write data / read password. 
2. Add ELV password writing directly without erasing EIS and synchronize. 
3. Add OBD mileage reset function for the following cluster types:
C(W204) / GLK(X204) / CLK (207) / E(W212) / SLS (197) / CLS (W218), R-Class (W251) /GL(X164) /ML(W164), E-Class (w211) /CLS(W219), S-Class (W221) /CL(216), C-Class (W203) / CLK(W209), SLK(R171).  
4. Add the gateway EE /Flash OBD reading and writing for the following gateway types:
C_Class_W204, E_class_W211, E_class_w212, CLK_X204, CLK_W207, SLS_W197, CLS_W218, M-Class_W164, R_class_W251, Slk_R171, GL_X164, S_class_W221, CL_W216. 
5. Add the non-HC05 EIS format file and the original data type save function, so that you can complete modifying the Mercedes EIS data by clicking one button. 
6. Fix the problem that a partial BE keys fail to read after writing. 
7. Add a button to clear the fault code. 
8. Fixed the problem that part of the ISM can not erase;
9. Fixed the problem that some EIS data loading error;
10. Add consumption points to calculate key password mode.
Consumption points do not have the device expiration limit, when the device expires, it can still be calculated with consumption points. Points will be in the company launched a variety of activities to be obtained, everyone stay tuned!

CGDI for MB Update (2018-03-13):
1. Add ELV repair function, including: enable ELV, virgin ELV (repair damage ELV chip)
2. Add the function of BE key to save file directly
3. Add W205, W218,W166 FBS4 EIS type detection
4. Add save EIS data format flags.
5. Fixed the problem of part of the ECU,TCU,ISM/DSM/ESM cannot erase 

CGDI for MB for Benz Monster updated 2017/12/29
1. Add activation Key function
In the case that the EIS cannot activate the key and the key lamp steady, it can be activated manually with the for Benz Monster.
2. Add detection FBS4 key type function
Currently do not support the acquisition, engineers are being overcome, please look forward to.
3. Add View wiring diagram function (Menu-Wiring Diagram)
Contains EIS, ELV, ECU, ISM, TCU wiring diagram.


For Benz Monster 2017/11/11 Update Info:

1. Calculate the erase password function (including the engine computer, ISM computer, EGS computer, ELV)
2. Calculate the key to enable the password function (you can directly use the disable key)
3. Erase the lock function (support CAN protocol, K-line protocol)
4 write lock data function
5. Write frame number function
6. Activate the lock function
7. Clear the TP protection function
8. Calculate the key current track code function
9. Add to determine whether the dealer lock
10. Fix problems that can cause the program to crash under certain conditions
11. Optimization part pop-up prompt box to enhance the stability of the program
12. increase some tips, the operation experience more accurate


CGDI Prog Function List:

Able to add keys on for Mercedes Benz and program a new key when all keys are lost.
Add new for Mercedes Benz keys: Data acquisition for 1 minute 50 seconds, pin code for 40 seconds and 99% success.
Program a new key to the following models when all keys are lost: 211, 209,204, 207, 212, 166,246,197,172,164+, 216 etc.
 EIS/EZS Function:
1). Can read EIS data via OBD, no need to distinguish the EIS/EZS model.
2). Can display the key status and directly disable the key position.
3). Can display EIS Number, can distinguish the for Benz model
4). Can display EIS status.
5). Automatically identify EIS model.
6). Automatically identify CAN protocol
 Generate the Key Data:
1) Can generate the key data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC EIS/EZS
2) Time: 26 seconds
3) Format: 11/ 41/51 (41 format is smart key data)
Infrared Key Function:
1) Can directly read key pin code via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS.
2)Can read/write EIS via infrared.


CGDI for MB Prog Programming Key Features:

1). Automatically identify the basic key information (including how many times you used SSID)
2). Can directly read pin code of BE keys via infrared, can erase BE keys.
3). NEC adapter can write the original for Benz smart key and common key.
4). Can write the for Benz original key via infrared.
5). Can restore the data of key and EIS with the key password.

CGDI for MB Prog for Benz Car List:

      for Mercedes-Benz A series (2004 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz B series (2005-)
      for Mercedes-Benz C Series (2001 - , including 210)
      for Mercedes-Benz E Series (2001-, including 203)
      for Mercedes-Benz CL series (2001-)
      for Mercedes-Benz GLK (2004-)
      for Mercedes-Benz ML series (2003 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz R series  (2003 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz G series (2003 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz S Series (2001 -, including 220)
      for Mercedes-Benz SLK  (2003- )
      for Mercedes-Benz SLS (2004 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003-)
      for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2003 -)
      for Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003 -)

How to Use CGDI Programmer for MB Add Key for Benz?

CGDI Prog for MB is able to add for Mercedes Benz car keys as well as program new keys when all keys are lost.
Step 1: Click on “Lock (EIS)
Step 2: Click on “Read EIS data”
Step 3: Click on “Computer Password”, then click on “Copy key with key”
Step 4: Click on “Other Keys” (One generation of key 705E6 key), then click on “OK”.
Step 5: Please insert the key into EIS and click OK.
Step 6: Please insert the key into the device and click on OK!
Step 7: Collecting the data, do not remove the key.
Step 8: Please insert the key into EIS and click OK.
Step 9: Please wait for 7 seconds.
Step 10: Please pull out the key from the EIS, and then click OK!
Step 11: Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK!
Step 12: Unplug the key for 5 seconds, then insert the EIS, then click OK!
Step 34: Select chip type.
Step 35: Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format!
Step 36: Select the location of writting key, then click on “Open”.
Step 37: CGDI for MB Write key success!
Step 38: Password display area, write down the password manually.
BE key read password directly, no need to collect data!


CGDI Prog for MB Package List:

1*CGDI for MB main unit
1*IR adapter
1*OBD cable
1*USB cable


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, below is our contact information:
Whatsapp: +86 13372689373
Live Support:  Chat with us online



How to do W164 All Key Lost, Quick Collector Connection with CGDI MB Key Prog

How to Add Key for W212 with CGDI MB Prog

Video for W212 2013 ODB KEY with CGDI MB Prog

How to Read, Clear and Write NEC Chip with CGDI MB Prog

Technical Support

W211 Original Key Hopping Code Repair

Hopping code: Most of the keys are too fast to be inserted and removed, and the track code does not roll, resulting in code hopping, so that the key and the lock cannot be matched properly.

Use Mercedes monster to repair, the specific operation is as follows:
1. First you need a key password.
2. Calculate the track code of the key.
3. Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.
4. Calculate the erase password and erase the it.
5. Load the EIS data with the password.
6. Click "Allow modification of data."
7. Change the track code of the key position to the track code of the
8. Write data.
9. Learning key

Need to use the tools as below:
1. CGDI Prog for MB Benz Key Programmer Support Online Password Calculation
2. IR Adapter for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer
3. OBD Connection Line for CGDI Prog MB Benz Key Programmer
4. USB Cable for CGDI Prog MB Benz key Programmer

1. First you need a key password, If there are no keys, you can calculate the
password by doing all key lost.

Calculate password    

2.Calculate the track code of the key, click to read the key/chip and read the current information of the key.

Fill in the password

Click to get the track code

Confirm that the key has been inserted into the device and check that the key password is correct. The track code calculated by the wrong password is invalid.

Key track code calculated successfully

3.Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.

EIS data saved successfully

4.Calculate the erase password and erase the lock, let us get the erase password first.

Erase password successfully calculated

Click to wipe the lock (EIS )

Please insert the IR adapter into the EIS within 30 seconds.

EIS erased successfully

Read the EIS and see the current state

The EIS has been wiped out

5.Click on the load EIS data saved before with the password.

Loaded successfully

View the key position (key position is 1) and copy the track code

6.Click "Allow data modification".

7.Modify the track code of the key position to the track code of the key

8.Write the EIS data

It is recommended to write the vehicle identification number first, then write the lock data.

Please insert the IR adapter into the lock within 30 seconds.

Write lock data successfully

Read lock EIS data to see current lock status

The current EIS is not activated, put the original car key inserted into the lock to learn, and the lock can be activated.

Insert the key Wait 1-5 seconds, the ELV responds, the EIS activates successfully, and the key learns successfully.
Click on the read lock (IES) data to view the current lock status.

211 lock original key hopping code repaired successfully

Support the key to read and write, you can directly re-match
K-line EIS do not support this repair method.
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